Swift Sneak (2024)

Swift Sneak is a non-renewable enchantment that can be applied to leggings and allows the player to walk more quickly while sneaking.


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Loot chest[]

Swift Sneak can be obtained only from loot chests in ancient cities. The chests can contain enchanted books with any level of Swift Sneak (up to 3).



Swift Sneak increases the player's speed while crouching by 15% per level. At Swift Sneak level 3, the player's crouch speed equals 75% of their normal walking speed.

Swift Sneak 4 and 5 can further improve crouching speed, but the crouching speed can never be faster than the player's walking speed. Level 4 and 5 enchantment is only obtainable via the use of commands.

This enchantment also increases the player's movement speed while they are crawling.

Player's crouching speed compared to walking speed
Enchantment LevelPercent of Walking Speed
No Swift Sneak30%
Swift Sneak I45%
Swift Sneak II60%
Swift Sneak III75%
Swift Sneak IV[note 1]90%
Swift Sneak V+[note 1]100%
  1. a b Exclusive to commands.

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key
Swift Sneakswift_sneakenchantment.minecraft.swift_sneak

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key
Swift Sneakswift_sneak37enchantment.swift_sneak


Java Edition
1.19Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1Added Swift Sneak. It is currently applied to boots, and is not compatible with Frost Walker, Depth Strider, or Soul Speed.
22w11aRemoved Swift Sneak.
22w12aAdded Swift Sneak to the normal snapshot. It is now applied to leggings instead of boots.
Bedrock Edition
1.19.0beta Swift Sneak; Its addition was not mentioned on the official patch notes for this beta.


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Swift Sneak (2024)
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